What’s all this about nuggets and ninjas?

Ninja Nuggets: Kamikaze Kapers is a strategic puzzle game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, now available on the App Store!

You’re a brilliant scientist on an expedition to investigate rumors about a distant land inhabited by sentient chicken nuggets. But, just when it seems like your search was fruitless, you’re taken captive by a clan of ninja nuggets, and you’re forced to undergo a series of rigorous trials to help them fight their ancient rivals.

Your job is to deploy the clan’s secret weapon: honorable kamikaze warriors who explode into highly volatile barbecue sauce, the deadliest substance known to nugget-kind.

You’ll move around. You’ll place nuggets. You’ll ‘splode nuggets. You’ll destroy targets. And, if you can prove your worth to the clan, you may live long enough to see glorious battle.

  • Retro look and feel
  • Easy to learn, tough to master
  • Game Center achievements included
  • Play 30 challenging levels at launch
  • Earn upgrades for your character and nuggets
  • Look forward to new level packs in free updates
  • Enjoy the awesome original soundtrack by RÆV

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